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Casey Wiegmann Officially A Denver Bronco

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It's difficult to wish a former player luck when they sign with the Broncos.

The Broncos fortified the interior of their offensive line today, agreeing to terms on a two-year contract with veteran Casey Wiegmann.

Financial terms weren’t immediately available.

Wiegmann (6-foot-2, 285) will likely serve as Tom Nalen’s primary reserve at center and possibly play at guard, helping counterbalance the loss of backup Chris Myers in a sign-and-trade with the Houston Texans this week.

Now, Casey Wiegmann, Boomer Grigsby, Jimmy Wilkerson and Keyaron Fox are the only free agent Chiefs to sign with other teams. Kris Wilson, Benny Sapp and Ty Law are others who have received interest from other teams.

I'm not going to act like this day isn't completely about college basketball, because it definitely is. The games are starting up soon, the air of competition is back in the air.

As far as best sport times of the year, I think the NCAA tournament and the NFL playoffs are about neck and neck.