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Morning Update (Should Have Taken Off Edition)

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  • After visiting the Packers last week and leaving without a contract offer (that we know of), Kris Wilson visited Tampa Bay last Wednesday. He is the only unsigned Kansas City Chief unrestricted free agent to receive interest from other teams in the league (Update: That is not exactly fair, because Jimmy Wilkerson did sign with the Bucs).

  • WR DJ Hacket may end up signing with the Panthers today.

  • Darrell Jackson, anyone?

  • Definitely getting numb to these stories -- LenDale White arrested outside of a Nashville nightclub. Maybe LenDale thinks he can't do any worse than a certain Titans player?

  • I almost forgot -- No more Wizards' games at Arrowhead.

  • My mock draft pick plus more on Deangelo Hall at Silver and Black Pride.

  • Is anyone sold on QB Matt Ryan?

  • Interesting question from Chiefs Coalition -- Does the fact that Will Shields is training OT Ryan Clady for the upcoming draft increase of decrease the Chiefs' chances of drafting him?

  • The football university series at Mile High Report is really, really good. Definitely check it out.

  • My favorite Dolphin fan's quote about Boomer so far -- "Yup, he’s a fucking loon. And he’s all ours."

  • Reading all of these articles about St. Patrick's Day in KC makes me regret the fact that I didn't take off work today to be sitting at the bar right now [Ed. note: "Right now" is 7:07 AM]. KC parade info is here.
Happy St. Patrick's day, I think. Am I still supposed to wish people a Happy St. Patrick's Day, even if the "official" day was changed to Saturday? Screw it. I'm just going to wait for people to talk to me. This could get awkward.

Happy St. Patrick's Day Chiefs fans!