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Top Five Draft Pick Watch: Glenn Dorsey's Knee?

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Vic Ketchman of speculates about the former no. 1 overall lock, LSU DT Glenn Dorsey.

LSU’s Glenn Dorsey, 6-1, 297, is an explosive, one-gap, penetrating defensive tackle. He offers amazing quickness, change of direction and pursuit ability. He plays hard, plays smart and plays hurt. The risk with Dorsey is a mysterious knee injury. Dorsey hasn’t run for the scouts and there’s suspicion that he’s undergone knee surgery. Questions about his knee and speed must be answered prior to the draft. The LSU pro day is set for March 26. Dorsey is expected to be a top six pick.
What players can you unequivocally put in the top five of this year's draft? Jake Long, Chris Long and....nobody else. Pretty much every top ten prospect except for those two guys has "fallen" out of the top five during some flavor of the week run in recent weeks.

Bob Gretz of has a great article on how difficult it's become to trade out a top five draft pick. In the last five years, only one top five draft pick has been traded away. In the ten years previous to that, sixteen top five picks were traded.

Herm hinted at this long time ago but he hinted at it quite terribly -- Sometimes a top five pick isn't the best thing for your franchise.

Since the Chiefs have decided to do nothing newsworthy since about Week Five of last year, expect more coverage of the shifting of the top five in the draft this year.