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One Week Until the Arrowhead Community Mock Draft Begins

It's finally time for the 1st Annual Arrowhead Pride Community Mock Draft!

Pending any major disagreements from anyone, I plan to begin the AP Community Mock Draft next Monday, March 24th. That gives us roughly one month and about 25 "work" days until the NFL Draft.

After taking many suggestions, I say we shoot for three picks a day, which can schedule out in advance. Another question to resolve is if we post any of the picks on the weekend, which I don't have a problem with either way. It may be nice to have something to read on the weekends because as quiet as it's been around here during the week, the weekends are even quieter.

I'm starting it next week because I want people to have time to do as much research as possible. I think the tentative plan should involve me e-mailing the next in line to pick and then posting the response I get (Note: I'll be using whatever e-mail you used to sign up with AP). In the event of someone not responding, we'll have a community vote. I don't want to put any restraints or rules on the length of post, etc. so however much or little you want to write it us to you. The more info the better, obviously.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

1. Miami Dolphins - Lanier63
2. St. Louis Rams - DThomasReigns
3. Oakland Raiders - Moose Knuckle
4. Atlanta Falcons - DJ
5. Kansas City Chiefs - Tom Bahali
6. New York Jets - phelps216
7. New England Patriots (From San Francisco 49ers) - mikevogel
8. Baltimore Ravens - Ben
9. Cincinnati Bengals - thatswhatshesaid
10. New Orleans Saints - skibum 1537
11. Buffalo Bills - MAWK
12. Denver Broncos - styg50
13. Carolina Panthers - stag
14. Chicago Bears - kcchief1990
15. Detroit Lions - Chiefs n Chopper
16. Arizona Cardinals - jimme
17. Minnesota Vikings - PVChiefsfan
18. Houston Texans - houstonvince
19. Philadelphia Eagles - styg50
20. Tampa Bay Bucs - arrowheadaddict
21. Washington Redskins - Official Arrowhead Pride Parade
22. Dallas Cowboys (From Cleveland Browns) - primetime 07
23. Pittsburgh Steelers - cgolden
24. Tennessee Titans - RTC Fan
25. Seattle Seahawks - ChiefSuni
26. Jacksonville Jaguars - nillaguerilla
27. San Diego Chargers - Ben
28. Dallas Cowboys - primetime 07
29. San Francisco 49ers (From Indianapolis Colts) - ds1
30. Green Bay Packers - c rag
31. New England Patriots (forfeited first round pick)
32. New York Giants - Chris


#50 - Arizona Cardinals (jimme)
#51 - Washington Redskins (Official Arrowhead Pride Parade)
#52 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (arrowheadaddict)
#53 - Pittsburgh Steelers (cgolden)
#54 - Tennessee Titans (RTC Fan)
#55 - Seattle Seahawks (ChiefSuni)
#56 - Green Bay Packers (c rag)
#57 - Miami Dolphins (Lanier63)
#58 - Jacksonville Jaguars (nillaguerilla)
#59 - Indianapolis Colts (Chris)
#60 - Green Bay Packers (c rag)
#61 - Dallas Cowboys (primetime)
#62 - New England Patriots (up for grabs to whoever wants it)
#63 - New York Giants (Chris)

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