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Morning Update (Friday Edition)

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  • Yahoo Sports has their 32 players to watch in 2008. Guess who the Chiefs' player to watch is?

  • Jonathan Rand in "Anybody's Guess" -- "There is a very good reason why mock drafts can’t form even a mild consensus on the Chiefs’ top pick yet. Most likely, the Chiefs don’t know yet, either. And if they did know, they wouldn’t be telling." PS: I'm liking what Mr. Rand is writing as of late.

  • I'm still having trouble wrapping my mind around this sentence -- "It appeared for a while that the Chiefs would be targeting a receiver in the first round this April, but word now is they will be taking an offensive lineman with the fifth pick."

  • After hearing former Chief Dan Davis' story about cracking his skull in a drunk driving accident and his problem with drugs, one student said -- "It was all very interesting. I sure don't want to use any drugs." More on Davis here.

  • NBC Sports has a great article on five myths of this off-season.

  • The Phinsider makes a great case against drafting Matt Ryan within the top five. That QB bust rate is scary.

  • I had this idea once -- Random 49ers Crap on eBay. Click through for a look at a Joe Montana Maxwell Coffee House can.

  • I really do wish Pacman Jones had his own blog.
Definitely check out those Dan Davis articles. The guy is a reformed moron. Links, coffee, Friday. Ahhh!