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Morning Update (The Real Deal Edition)

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  • Nap Harris, baller.

  • The guys at Arrowhead Addict posted a nice clip of new Chief Devard Darling showing his skills on a TD catch and run.

  • Jake Long, back in February -- "I really don't know much about Kansas City. All I know is that a lot of the offensive linemen are gone. [I'll] probably start talking to them in time but right now I really don't know."

  • The Mile High Report needs a Chiefs GM for their mock draft.

  • Tony Gonzalez on being the best tight end ever -- "If they crown me the best, that's fine. If they don't, I know sooner or later somebody's going to come along, just like I came along. It's just how it goes."

  • Some are speculating the Chiefs are interested in Cal wide out Lavelle Hawkins. Niners Nation has a scouting report up.

  • An NFL lockout? Inconceivable! It's actually very conceivable but I rarely pass up the opportunity to quote the Princess Bride. Yeah, I love that movie. Admit it. You do too.

  • The Redskins get their first free agent visit of the season -- suddenly sought after WR DJ Hackett.

  • Who rocked the house during ESPN's 10th anniversary party? Third Eye Blind of course. LJ was there too.
Some of you who have been around here for a while may remember the Brodie Croyle Pick 'Em Contest, where the objective was to pick the game where Brodie Croyle comes in for Damon Huard and assumes the starting quarterback position for the rest of the year. [Ed. note - That was back in September?? Where did the time go?]

The prize was a Greg "The Real Deal" Hill rookie card that was I going to get off of E-bay for like $1.50. Turns out that AP reader skpicky won the contest and I proceeded to forget about it until a few weeks ago when I was in my parent's house, adding some furniture to their already overcrowded attic. Imagine an attic that looks like post-Katrina New Orleans without the water damage.

My point is it's messy as hell up there. But as I was coming down the attic steps, I glance to my right and what did I find? A Greg "The Real Deal" Hill rookie card staring back at me atop thousands of other cards. In mint condition. In one of those single card hard plastic cases.

Fate? Coincidence? A sign from a higher power? All of the above AP readers.

The lesson here is if you're stay lazy long enough, sometimes things will randomly work out.