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Are the Kansas City Chiefs' Chances of Landing Jake Long Getting Slimmer?

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I know we're getting closer to the draft and every report needs to be scanned closely for BS but this doesn't bode well for the Chiefs landing Jake Long.

It's become "clear" that Michigan OT Jake Long will not get past the top three picks in the draft, according to NFL Network's Adam Schefter. The Rams wined and dined Long on Thursday, bringing GM Bill Devaney, personnel man Tony Softli, president of football ops Jay Zygmunt, and coach Scott Linehan. That's just about everyone with any say in the organization. ESPN's John Clayton said Thursday he thinks Jake will go No. 1 to Miami.
I trust Adam Schefter's report but things can and probably will change. If Jake Long isn't around, I really like Adam's plan for the Chiefs' draft.

Note: primetime posted on this topic as well.