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A Brief Look at Recent Four Win Teams

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If we learned anything about the football in 2007, we were reminded that the slate is wiped clean each year in the NFL. Teams that barely kept their head above water in 2006 -- the Packers, Browns and Jaguars for example -- came roaring back in 2007. The structure of the NFL is designed to reward teams that play poorly and move the league towards parity.

With no statistical point to make, I've reviewed the recent history of teams that went 4-12 and how they did the following season. You'll notice a few teams that made huge jumps but you'll also notice that most teams won only a couple more games than they did the previous season. If the Chiefs ended next season at .500, I'd be very satisfied.

Keep your chins up Chiefs' fans. Anything is possible. Things don't have to get worse.


Cleveland Browns -- The Browns 2007 season was one of their best in recent memory, tying the Pittsburgh Steelers for the AFC North lead at 10-6.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- Aided by one of the weakest divisions in football, the Bucs turned their four win '06 campaign into a division championship in 2007. The Bucs only won nine games in 2007 but that's all they needed.


New York Jets -- Unfortunately for the Jets, they're in the same division as the New England Patriots. That didn't stop them from turning a 4-12 season in 2005 into a 10-6 wild card berth in 2006.

Tennessee Titans -- Like the Jets, the Titans have the problem of playing in a division with one of the top teams of this decade, the Indianapolis Colts. The Titans didn't make the playoffs like the Jets did but they did improve their record to 8-8, doubling their wins from '05.

Oakland Raiders -- Ha! The Raiders are terrible. They followed up 2005 by reducing their wins to two.

Green Bay Packers -- The Pack also doubled their wins, going .500 on the season. I'd have taken that record last year.

San Francisco 49ers -- The 49ers didn't blow anyone away in '06 but they did improve their record. San Fran went 7-9 in 2006 in the very weak NFC West.


Miami Dolphins -- The Dolphins more than doubled their wins in 2005, going 9-7.

Cleveland Browns -- If Browns' fans only knew what was to come in 2007, then they would feel better about going 6-10 in 2005.


San Diego Chargers -- The Chargers completely flipped their '03 season upside down, going 12-4 in 2004.

Oakland Raiders -- See a pattern here? The Raider's did not improve. They won only one more game in '04 than they did in '03.

New York Giants -- Talk about a mediocre division. The Giants, Cowoobys and Redskins all won six games in 2004.

Arizona Cardinals -- I'll give the Cardinals some credit here. Going from four wins to six is a big improvement for that franchise.


Houston Texans -- Almost without exception, new franchises are terrible. The Texans got one more win in '03 than they did in '02.

Chicago Bears -- Six years later and the Bears still haven't found a QB. They went 7-9 in 2003.