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Just How Interested are the Kansas City Chiefs in QB Brian Brohm?

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Pretty interested I'd say.

Appearing as a guest on the Sirius Blitz NFL radio show hosted by Adam Schein and Soloman Wilcots, Brian Brohm stated that the Kansas City Chiefs put him through the most intense interview of all the teams that interviewed him at the Combine...the Chiefs had him go up on the board and breakdown mistakes that he made in a game versus Utah this past season...Brohm also stated that of all the teams that interviewed him, the Ravens, Bears and Falcons appeared to show the most interest and all three have scheduled interviews with him in the upcoming weeks leading up to the Draft.
The Chiefs aren't going to use the no. 5 pick on Matt Ryan. I'm 90% sure of this. I'm 98% sure they won't use that pick on Brian Brohm. Are the Chiefs that interested in Brohm? Are the Chiefs already thinking about trading down? Brohm is a mid-first round pick that the Chiefs could theoretically get plus at least another pick if another team wanted to move up in the first round.