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The Market Shows the Chiefs Made the Right Decisions

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On February 29th at 12:01 AM, the NFL free agency period began. Some deals involving the most sought after free agents were stuck within hours of midnight. Over the next few days, the next tier down were signed by new teams and other re-signed to the tune of record deals. Basic economics tell us that the most talented free agents would have the most suitors, able to garner deals at the apex of their position. The reverse of that is the unrestricted free agent who still hasn't signed with a new team as we approach two full weeks of NFL free agency. With the exception of DE Jimmy Wilkerson and LB/FB Boomer Grigsby, no other Chief free agent has found his way to a new team.

In other words, the current market doesn't deem the Chiefs' castaways very valuable. An injury here or a retirement there may allow a former Chief a new lease on his football career but it's not difficult to see that most of the Chiefs' free agents will fade into backup or special teams roles. And that's many of our former starters from last year. The Chiefs are not only not participating in free agency this year, they're also not adding much to the market.

Eddie Drummond -- No teams rumored to be interested

Samie Parker -- No teams rumored to be interested

Kris Wilson -- Packers and Seahawks have been rumored to be interested

Will Svitek -- No teams rumored to be interested

Casey Wiegmann -- No teams rumored to be interested

James Reed -- No teams rumored to be interested

Kendrell Bell -- No teams rumored to be interested

Benny Sapp -- No teams rumored to be interested

Ty Law -- Patriots mentioned at one point, nothing serious so far.

Testing the market through free agency is a great measure of a player's worth. I don't think anyone one is complaining about the players released -- except maybe Benny Sapp because he's still so young -- and it doesn't appear any other teams are interested in our scraps. At least not enough to fight for them.

If we're going to critcize the lack of free agent signings (which is justifiable), then we also to need to acknowledge that the Chiefs' brass did a good job of getting rid of players who don't fit the long term plan. Hanging on to players for sentimental value has hurt the Chiefs in the past but doesn't appear to be the trend for the future.