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Morning Update (Inflated #1 Pick Edition)

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  • Here is an interesting idea -- draft players from fictional sports teams. Of course the Chiefs got an offensive linemen. "I don't want this pick!" Okay that was terrible.

  • Steven had a few random thoughts over at Arrowhead Addict. Random thoughts...the blogosphere owes everything to them.

  • The Raiders would take Jake Long just to piss of the Chiefs.

  • Meet the newest member of the Chiefs' ring of honor -- Curley Culp.

  • So the Tennessean says the Chiefs are one of many teams interested in Pacman Jones. Pretty sure this is 100% speculation.

  • Now this just makes sense but I bet he gets his butt kicked -- Ray Lewis could be headed to the UFC.

  • Get used to seeing Kent Babb's name in the Chiefs section of the KC Star -- Croyle sticks around KC to show he wants to stick as starting QB.

  • If you're not reading Home of the Chiefs everyday, you should be.

  • floats the rumor that Raiders' QB Jamarcus Russell could be close to 300 lbs.

  • Free agent guard Jake Scott is off the market And that about does it for the free agent o-line market.
In that link to the Croyle story by Kent Babb, QB coach Dick Curl had something interesting to say:
We’re really at a crossroads right now," Chiefs quarterbacks coach Dick Curl says after thinking for a long time about Croyle’s future here. "We’re at that point that we still need — this won’t sound good, maybe — a little bit more time to see where we’re going to go. He’s certainly shown he has the ability to play. But this is a bottom-line business, plain and simple. It’s not about doing good things. It’s about winning. And he needs to win."
That is first time I've heard the Chiefs express any possible doubt about Croyle as the Chiefs QBOTF. I'm sure the Chiefs' brass has had this talk in private but what does it mean if they publicly mention their equivocation of Brodie Croyle?

Eh, not much. The draft is quickly approaching and the Chiefs, like every other team in the NFL, are going to be throwing around so much BS in the coming weeks that it will be difficult to discern truth from fiction. Brodie has next season and only next season if he plays poorly. The QB doesn't always take the most heat in KC when things go poorly but with Croyle's expectations, you can expect that he'll be the focus of the ire of many Chiefs' fan if the season doesn't start well.