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Morning Update (Golden Age Edition)

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  • Bobby Sippio is still popular with Arena League fans. (Scroll to the bottom)

  • Safety Jon McGraw visited his elementary school just north of Manhattan, KS.

  • If you get a chance, you really should watch the Road to the Draft series the Chiefs are doing on The first installment featured Chuck Cook, director of college scouting. The second episode featured Mike Hagan, a scout in the Southeast for the Chiefs. Pretty interesting stuff in there, including Mr. Cook saying the Chiefs would pursue the best player available in the draft.

  • Just imagine the time that went into this story -- A Career in Video Games: Brett Favre.

  • I mentioned yesterday that Jamarcus Russell was apparently close to weighing 300 pounds, which is forty more than what he was listed at last season. The Sacramento Bee says that isn't true.

  • Apparently the Miami Dolphins have better odds than the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl in 2009.

  • Here's an easy way to win the hearts of a lot of the KC faithful -- Wear a tuxedo t-shirt and blue jeans to a black tie affair.

  • Seahawks' free agent wide receiver DJ Hackett will visit the Redskins tomorrow. Tell me again why Chiefs fans have been clamoring about this guy? His stats don't impress me at all. He may be young and athletic but he's far from the lock I've read people say he is.

  • Post-Gazette writer Bob Smizik is right on -- It is a golden age for sports, especially for the NFL.

  • Julius Jones signed with the Seahawks, bringing Shaun Alexander's future in Seattle to a crossroads.
If you compare the NFL of twenty years ago to today, there really isn't much of a competition as far as entertainment value. Fantasy sports plus the explosion of the sports blogosphere have made the NFL, at least in my opinion, that much more entertaining. The 24-hour NFL Network, the fantastic playoff and championship games and the overall talent level have contributed to making the NFL the major addiction of my life. Unlike a lot of sports where I consider myself a fan in playoffs only (baseball and basketball), I enjoy everything about the NFL, even other team's games.

When that happens on a large scale, it truly is a golden age for our favorite sport. Does any other sport even compare? Maybe swamp soccer but that's going out on a limb.

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