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Morning Update (Luckiest Fan Edition)

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  • WPI has great stuff from Gunther Cunningham. Definitely a must read.

  • Steven at AA gives us another Chiefs Nation endorsement for WVU fullback Owen Schmitt.

  • The Daily Bruin asks a question relevant to all sports in 2008 -- Should we sacrifice class for success?

  • The Jets, who have the sixth pick in the draft, are looking at Sedrick Ellis too.

  • What do you think about a wild card team getting a home game?

  • Former Chief Kimble Anders, currently a coach in Olathe, KS, spoke last month to a group of youngsters about living your dreams.

  • Turns out that an Arizona man had plans to shoot a bunch of people who were leaving the Super Bowl.

  • With a little bravery and gumption, you too can sneak into a ton of Super Bowl Events.
Wooh...already one of those mornings. Anyone else having one of those? I'll be back later this morning. Enjoy the links!