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Morning Update (Inside the NFL Edition)

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  • Before you do anything today, make sure you've signed up for the first annual Arrowhead Pride Mock Draft.

  • Sadly, I think this is better than any of the current commercials.

  • I didn't know this until I flipped through and saw the final show ever last night -- HBO has cancelled Inside the NFL, after 31 years.

  • This story is amazing. This high school offensive lineman didn't get into a division one school. So what did he do? He invited his entire school to a fake signing day ceremony for the University of California. Get this kid some meds, stat.

  • What's a Pro Bowl without the biggest stars?

  • Michael Ash of Real Football 365 gives us a breakdown of the Chiefs QB position. Expect similar breakdowns to follow he says.
I had no idea that Inside the NFL was going to be canceled until last night. It really is a shame. That was the sport show I grew up watching each week on HBO. They always had the best highlights, the best editing and the best commentary. Of course, you had Lenny Dawson leading the way for a large number of years which made it that much better.

Consider the canceling of this show to be another victory for online video and sports television. Inside the NFL used to be the place to get your highlights. Now, the HBO show no longer has a stranglehold on high quality NFL highlights. There's no reason to wait week to week to see the highlights you can now see with a few clicks. I still love the way Inside the NFL edited the highlights though. The music combined with all of the slow motion video was magnificent.

I admit I stopped watching Inside the NFL a few years ago and never stopped to think about it. It was great while it lasted.