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Arrowhead Pride's 2008 Community Mock Draft

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***UPDATE*** Click here for the most up to date list of participants.

It's time to put your money where your mouth is AP readers. Welcome to the first annual Arrowhead Pride Community Mock Draft! Each team will be represented by an Arrowhead Pride reader (Register here) and this is the post where you claim your team. I haven't decided exactly when we will start this mock draft but I figured it was best to get the word out early. Don't worry too much though. We won't be starting for at least a month. You will be responsible for picking at least three rounds so make sure you're committed. I'd expect a small write up to accompany your picks. Also, even though we'll be doing this mock draft over the course of a few weeks (at least), it will be important to be quick with your picks. If a few people don't make their picks on time, it can throw the whole process off.

Remember, we're only picking teams now. We will begin the drafting process later. Once a team is picked in the comment section, it's no longer available.

It's first come first serve so have at it. I'll update the list as the selections come in. (I have to graciously admit nabbing this idea from Arrowhead Addict, among other places.)

1. Miami Dolphins - Lanier63
2. St. Louis Rams - DThomasReigns
3. Oakland Raiders - DJ
4. Atlanta Falcons - Moose Knuckle
5. Kansas City Chiefs - Tom Bahali
6. New York Jets - phelps216
7. New England Patriots (From San Francisco 49ers) - mikevogel
8. Baltimore Ravens - Ben
9. Cincinnati Bengals - thatswhatshesaid
10. New Orleans Saints - skibum 1537
11. Buffalo Bills - MAWK
12. Denver Broncos - styg50
13. Carolina Panthers - stag
14. Chicago Bears - kcchief1990
15. Detroit Lions
16. Arizona Cardinals
17. Minnesota Vikings - PVChiefsfan
18. Houston Texans - houstonvince
19. Philadelphia Eagles
20. Tampa Bay Bucs - arrowheadaddict
21. Washington Redskins - Official Arrowhead Pride Parade
22. Dallas Cowboys (From Cleveland Browns) - primetime 07
23. Pittsburgh Steelers - cgolden
24. Tennessee Titans - RTC Fan
25. Seattle Seahawks - ChiefSuni
26. Jacksonville Jaguars - nillaguerilla
27. San Diego Chargers - Ben
28. Dallas Cowboys
29. San Francisco 49ers (From Indianapolis Colts)
30. Green Bay Packers - c rag
31. New England Patriots (forfeited first round pick)
32. New York Giants

Cleveland Browns (no first round pick) - Bill Grigsbys Cirrhosis
Indianapolis Colts (no first round pick)