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Jared Allen Wouldn't Mind Playing in San Francisco

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This is a few days old but certainly warrants a discussion.

The top free agent in the NFL wants to play for the 49ers.

Defensive end Jared Allen, who is scheduled for unrestricted free agency with the Kansas City Chiefs, attended Los Gatos High. He grew up a Raiders fan, but at this state he would prefer to play for the 49ers.

"Jared would welcome the opportunity to play in front of his hometown crowd," said Ken Harris, Allen's agent. "His family is up north. I have no doubt he has a high level of interest in playing (for the 49ers)."

Allen made similar comments yesterday to radio hosts Lamont and Tonelli of 107.7 The Bone, telling them he'd like to play for the 49ers.

The post goes on to say what we already know - The Chiefs may put the franchise tag on Jard Allen for the upcoming season. Doing that would cost the Chiefs just under $9 million in '08 for Jared Allen's salary.

The bad part of franchising Allen? He's repeatedly said if the Chiefs don't lock him up long-term this year, he'll never sign a long-term deal to remain in Kansas City. He's even hinted in the past that he may never play in KC after his current contract is up.

As usual, I agree with Jon at MVN. If the Chiefs truly do want Jared Allen long-term, it makes complete sense to do it this year. Jon said, "My hope is that the Chiefs sign Allen to a contract that guarantees a lot of money up-front in the early years of the contract, so that when the Chiefs have a fully rebuilt team in 2009 or 2010, they’ll have even more money to spend on free agent acquisitions that could put them over the top." A long-term deal right now satisfies both Allen and the Chiefs.

Smart, huh? Now let's see if that's what actually happens.