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"Home of the Vikings" Deemed Disrespectful

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If its okay for the Kansas City Chiefs, why not the Vikings?

If you've ever been to a Kansas City Chiefs' game you know how the National Anthem ends, the crowd yells "Home of the Chiefs" instead of "Home of the Brave."

Shawnee Mission West kids say all they want is the right to do the same thing. Students say it's a First Amendment right to sing the National Anthem any way they want. But, the principal says anyone who does will be standing outside the gym.

The principal of the school thinks that singing "Home of the Vikings" instead of "Home of the Brave" is "disrespectful to the men and women who fought and died for our country to change the words of the song."

Consider me on the side of the principal but not in any steadfast manner. I got beaten down when I brought this up last time. A poll and your thoughts after the jump.