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Kyle Turley Takes a Few Parting Shots

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Kyle Turley quietly mentioned his retirement at a recent fundraiser for Gridiron Greats, an organization set up to help retired NFL players. For those following the Chiefs closely, Turley's announcement was all but a formality. In an interview with Fox Sports Jay Mohr posted today, Turley, as always, has some interesting answers to typical questions.

JM: Who was the worst [coach]?
KT: Mike Martz. That guy was a real snake in the grass, man! Did you know he accused me of faking my back injury? I still don't have feeling in my right foot. I had a herniated disc in my back and it still affects my sciatic nerve. My entire right leg gets pins and needles and my right foot is half numb all the time.
The former Pro Bowler continues in true Kyle Turley fashion:
JM: Didn't you once say, "Out of the 32 coaches in the NFL, I would rank Mike Martz 33rd?"
KT: (laughs) Hell yeah, I said it. And I meant it. I still mean it. They need an expansion team for that guy to get a head coaching job. He was the worst, man. I just never met anyone that just freakin' had it out for me before. It was (expletive) bizarre. He told me once, "I know you came here just for a money grab. You aren't injured, you're just rich." I went crazy. I wanted to kill him.
Turley even fits in a shot at the Chiefs when talking about what he hates most about the NFL:
JM: What do you mean?
KT: Just the politics, man. It's gross. Why wasn't I playing this past year with the Chiefs? Was I suddenly not good enough? Politics.
No Mr. Turley. When you did play, you were downright terrible.

Check out the rest of the interview. It's a good afternoon read, even if Turley is pissed off he's still not playing in the NFL.