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And That's 2007-2008 NFL Season

Congratulations to the New York Giants and Ed over at Big Blue View. Ed is a great blogger and his team deserved the win.

I'm still in a daze about the game. I can't believe the Giants pulled off the upset. I was living so vicariously through the Patriots "perfect" season that I never really imagined the possibility of them losing.

Man, shame on Asante Samuel. An errant Eli Manning passed literally went through Samuel's hands on the Giants final drive. If Samuel catches that easy INT, the Patriots win Super Bowl XLII. I guess that's why he's a corner back and not a wide out.

As much as I despise the Manning family and Eli himself, the kid did win his team the Super Bowl with his 3rd down scramble, escape and pass to David Tyree on the Giant's final drive. That, my friends, showed that Eli (Yes! Eli Manning!) wanted to win that game more than anyone else on the field.

I'd write more but I'm still in shock over the greatest Super Bowl I've ever seen. Color me jealous. The more I write, the worse I feel.

The NFL beast marches on. Roger Goodell has to feel pretty good about now.