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NY Giants at NE Patriots: Super Bowl Open Thread

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Game time: 5:17 CST on Fox

New York Giants season stats are here.

New England Patriots season stats can be seen here.

Finally, stats from their Week 17 match up.  

Everyone knows the story lines because that's all we have been hearing about.  Tom Brady, 50 TD passes, 19-0, Eli's resurgence, Plaxico not practicing, etc.  And, of course Bootgate.  Can't forget Bootgate.

And buried underneath all that is the the Patriots, the team itself, has filed paperwork in an attempt to trademark the phrase '19-0'.  After the Giants have been already been talking the Patriots do something like this.  I don't want to say they're cursed or anything like that but that seems a bit premature.

My prediction: 35-17 Patriots.  The game will never really be close, Eli throws 2 interceptions, Brady throws for 4 TD passes and gets the MVP.