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Morning Update (Absinthe Edition)

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  • Adam at Arrowhead Addict says its time to knock off the talk about signing a free agent linebacker.

  • As noted by Eric in the diary section, Casey Wiegmann will not be re-signed. Eddie Kennison was released yesterday.

  • I never thought I'd see the head of our third string quarterback bobbing back and forth on a car dealership's web page. Hat tip to Chiefs Planet.

  • NFL analyst Sean Salisbury is no longer with ESPN.

  • Yikes. Minnesota has major issues at wide receiver if Eddie Kennison is crossing fan's minds.

  • KC Chiefs Fanatic has kind words for Eddie Kennison. Pretty much the same way I feel.

  • The Denver Post reports that the Chiefs are interested in soon to be free agent fullback Cecil Sapp. Could be the end for Boomer Grigsby.

  • Dave from the Falcoholic isn't impressed with Matt Ryan.

  • I simply could not help myself when I saw this headline -- "Video: Terrell Owens in Vegas With Barry Bonds; T.O. Drinks Absinthe, Doesn’t Like it"
That Bonds/TO video really is odd if you get a chance to watch it. More to come later.