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Second Year Chiefs -- Herb Taylor

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We have talked plenty about the Chiefs' offensive linemen and the dismantling of the 2007 starting line up. But we've barely mentioned our 5th 6th round draft pick that actually made the team -- Herb Taylor.

Taylor started every game his freshman year for the Horned Frogs. In 2004, Taylor again started every single game at right tackle for TCU. In 2005, Taylor shined as an All-Mountain West Conference selection, starting every game and only allowing a Jake Long like one sack all season. Taylor ended up starting 48 games on the Horned Frog's offensive line.

Taylor didn't see much action in 2007. He briefly filled in for an injured Damion McIntosh against Detroit late in the season.

Taylor came to the Chiefs weighing only 295 pounds, which was the biggest knock on him. To be a starting in the NFL in 2008, you'd like to have a player who is at least 315 pounds or more. And that is apparently what Taylor has done this off season -- put on twenty pounds.

So now we have a second year player who, at least according to his college play, is technically sound and now has the size to go with it.

Call it just a hunch but I think the Chiefs really like Herb Taylor and wouldn't be surprised to see him make a run at a starting spot. Like Herm always says, the more competition the better.