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Morning Update (Combine Edition)

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  • According to KFFL, the Chiefs talked with University of Nevada-Las Vegas DE Jeremy Geathers and Boston College OL Gosder Cherilus at the Combine.

  • News and rumors from Draft Daddy -- The Chiefs are talking with the Bills about JP Losman. The Chiefs have spoken with Louisville QB Brian Brohm's agent.

  • has a live feed of Combine coverage, with coverage starting at 10 AM this morning. I highly suggest you watch the Combine instead of working.

  • Michigan WR Mario Manningham ran a 4.69 40-yard dash and suddenly his athleticism is called into question. Stupid Combine.

  • As much as I've ragged on the Combine as an overemphasized phase of the draft process, it would be cool to have the Combine in Kansas City.

  • Video -- Jake Long talking about his Combine workout.

  • ESPN's Hashmarks did a hell of a job covering the Combine. Definitely head over there today for a read.

  • Come on Herm. You have to be a bit more media savvy than this -- "I didn’t want a chance to flip. I wanted to be five. That was a good number for us. Five is good. I just felt all along we were going to be five. I thought Atlanta would win the coin toss."
I have to shake my head sometimes at Herm's comments. I sort of know what he means -- the Chiefs were most likely to get the no. 5 pick; less money goes towards a five than a four pick -- but when your top draft prospect may not be there at no. 5, you want the higher draft pick. Trust me on this one Herm.

By all accounts, Jake Long solidified himself as the no. 1 offensive tackle in this draft. He had the most bench reps out of all of the offensive linemen, as well as just looking fantastic in every drill. His stock went up even further if that's possible while the Chiefs' chances of getting him went down. No Jake Long means the Chiefs front office better be ready to negotiate quickly.