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Revisiting the Kansas City Chiefs 2004 Draft

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If the Chiefs didn't grab Jared Allen in the fourth round, the 2004 draft goes down as probably one of the top three worst drafts of all time in Kansas City. Coming off of a 13-3 season, the Chiefs weren't afforded any draft day favors, picking in the bottom ten of each round with their original picks. The Chiefs did trade their #30 first round pick to Detroit for the Lion's second, fourth and 2005 fifth round pick, giving the Chiefs seven total picks in 2004.

Round 2, #36 overall, DT Junior Siavii -- The Chiefs first pick in the '04 draft produced a total bust. Siavii was with the Chiefs from 2004-2005 but fell out of football until last month when the Cowboys signed him to a future/reserve free agent contract. Projected as a mid-fourth rounder by Sports Illustrated, I'm still not sure why the Chiefs took Siavii so high. He never started a game with the Chiefs. Workout Warrior perhaps? Grade: F

Notables taken recently after this pick: FS Bob Sanders, DT Tank Johnson, FB Greg Jones

Round 2, #61 overall, TE Kris Wilson -- We're all intimately familiar with Kris Wilson around here. The weapon, the hybrid, the...well he can't really play any position that well. At least not how he's been utilized in KC. And that's being kind to Wilson. Good players turn losses into gains, stuffs into first downs and Wilson was unable to do any of those while he was here. So you can't blame the play calling for his ineffectiveness. The Chiefs had high hopes for Wilson and he hasn't done much more than play about average. His broken leg during preseason of his rookie may have gotten him off track for good. Wilson never found a rhythm in Kansas City. His contract is up this year and he'll be playing somewhere else next season. Grade: D+

Notables taken recently after this pick: TE Chris Cooley, WR Bernard Berrian

Round 3, #93 overall, LB Keyaron Fox -- With this pick, the Chiefs basically drafted a career backup linebacker. Fox has started four games in his career and last year rotated in and out as other linebacker's tired or were injured. He did not start a game in 2007. Solid backups are certainly needed but Fox's contributions to the Chiefs have been negligible, relative to his value as a third-round pick. Grade: C+

Notables taken recently after this pick: OT Travelle Wharton

Round 4, #105 overall, WR Samie Parker -- For some reason, the Chiefs thought highly of the Oregon Ducks in 2004, making Parker the second Duck taken by the Chiefs in this draft. Parker was the classic "athlete" type of draft pick coming out of Eugene. He ran track as well as played football. I've never been big on these types of players (Ted Ginn Jr. types) and I doubt I ever am. In Parker's four years with the Chiefs, he has 110 receptions, nearly 1,500 yards and seven touchdowns. He was a fourth round pick so how much could we expect out of him? The thing with Parker is that he never really improved over his time in Kansas City. He's still that same mild, rarely effective wide out that the Chiefs seem to fall into year after year. Grade: C

Notables taken recently after this pick: WR Jerricho Crotchery

Round 4, #126 overall, DE Jared Allen -- Ironically enough, within one of the worst drafts in Chiefs history, you have one of the best picks in Chiefs history. Allen turned out to far and away be the best defensive end in the 2004 draft. A true diamond in the rough. Excellent work by the Chiefs brass. Grade: A+

Notables taken recently after this pick: None

Round 6, #195 overall, WR Jeris McIntyre -- Who? Exactly. McIntyre didn't make the Chiefs' squad in 2004 and has since bounced around NFL Europe and the CFL. Only a two-star recruit out of Auburn, he's never played a down in the NFL. Grade: D

Notables taken recently after this pick: WR Patrick Crayton

Round 7, #231 overall, T Kevin Sampson -- This offensive lineman hung around KC for a few years before becoming practice squad fodder for the Panthers and Redskins. A 7th round pick -- not much expected. Grade: D

Notables taken recently after this pick: None

Overall draft grade: D