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Herm Edwards Speaks to the Media

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Big thanks to WPI for the transcript.

Herm on what type of free agents the Chiefs are after this off-season:

You’d like to get some guys in their second contract, not the third contract guys. The guys that have played three or four years now, kind of established themselves. Maybe they’re not the starter, but they’re about to be a starter. Probably in a bad spot somewhere else because the guy in front of them is a guy that’s been starting. If you think he has enough upside, those are the guys you’re going after, the guys that are 26 or 27.
On the offensive line, a guy like that would definitely be Max Starks, from Pittsburgh.

I've been telling you how much Herm loves John McGraw too, a former Jet.

The ones that are out there? We might have champagne taste, but we’ve got beer money. You can sign one, but only if you need one guy. There’s a couple guys out there that we kind of like, a Jon McGraw kind of guy. You can’t get them all in the draft, but you might can, depending on how it falls.
Herm goes on to talk about older free agents:
You can always get those guys in the middle of training camp. Those older veteran guys? They don’t want to go to training camp anyway. You don’t need to be in a panic to get them now. I say, get all the young guys, bring them in here, let them compete.
There's really some pretty good stuff in that transcript that makes it worth a read. It gives you an idea of what type of guys Herm is going to go after in the draft and in free agency. I especially enjoyed the mention about how he waits to grab older free agents until training camp is underway. In other words, don't expect much excitement this spring and into early summer.