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Free Agent Offensive Linemen Update

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Will the Chiefs pursue a free agent offensive linemen? Here's an update of where this year's top free agent linemen currently stand.

Ruben Brown, UFA, Chicago Bears: Entering into his 14th season, all of the descriptions of Ruben Brown that I have read have included the phrase "lost his touch" or "lost a step". There's no reason for the Chiefs to even think about such an old player with their current direction. Brown may or may not be retained by the Bears, who appear to let forces outside of Brown's control determine his fate. A young player could easily step in take his backup role from him but it hasn't happened yet in Chicago.

Alan Faneca, UFA, Pittsburgh Steelers: This Pittsburgh guard is in his tenth season and is easily the most coveted offensive lineman free agent this off-season. Sure, he is one of the most talented guards in the league but his age (31) and the fact that he'll cost a lot of money make his signing prohibitive for the Chiefs. Pursuing Faneca would be the direct opposite of Herm's recent comments about free-agents -- "The guys that have played three or four years now, kind of established themselves. Maybe they’re not the starter, but they’re about to be a starter." Faneca will get a big pay day but it won't be in KC.

Flozell Adams, UFA, Dallas Cowboys: Dallas may let this Pro-Bowler leave and try to replace him through the draft. Grizz from Blogging the Boys explains -- "If Flozell continues to play like he did last year then the re-signing him would be a no-brainer. But Flozell’s history of inconsistency and his advancing age should give the Cowboys some pause at breaking the bank to get him re-signed. They’ve reached a crossroads, do you go with what you know or do you trust your draft picks – and the Cowboys have spent a couple of draft picks at the tackle position – and go younger?"

Adams may be talented but he's another free agent whose age, he's about to turn 32, is a big factor. If it appears the Chiefs will still have the opportunity to draft Jake Long in this year's draft, they won't even think about Flozell Adams. More than likely, the Chiefs haven't spent much time thinking about him at all. Like Faneca, Adams may be a bit too old for this Chiefs team and will cost too much money.

Jordan Gross, UFA, Carolina Panthers - Forget about signing Jordan Gross. The Panthers just tagged him and seem to be intent on resigning him long-term. Teams don't let high performing top ten picks get away. Unless you're the Chiefs and Ryan Sims. Then it's easy to throw away top ten picks.

Ryan Lilja, UFA, Indianapolis Colts -- You can forget about this former Chiefs practice squad member as well. Just yesterday, the Colts resigned Lilja to a five-year deal. The loss of Lilja really is too bad, considering he's a Kansas City native who played football at K-State. I always love it when locals guys make the team.

Max Starks, UFA, Pittsburgh Steelers -- Now we can actually start considering somebody. Starks was drafted in 2004 and has played sparingly over the last four years. Behind the Steel Curtain says -- "The book on Starks is that he struggles with speed rushers but is an absolute mauler in the running game so those games suited his abilities very well."

Now, I'm not saying the Chiefs should jump up and sign Max Starks. In fact, the fact that he got beat out for his job last season should force teams to think very hard about him. But he is the type of player Herm is talking about -- won't command huge money; is young (26), hasn't been a starter much and is a "guy in a bad spot" with his current team. Starks could be poised to improve markedly but it remains to be seen if Herm Edwards thinks he's the type of coach to bring it out in Starks.

Floyd Womack, UFA, Seattle Seahawks -- I have to confess I don't know much about Floyd Womack. My research seems to point to an often-injured, rotational backup type of player. I think John Morgan from Field Gulls gives an honest summary of Womack -- "Womack has become a canker the Hawks can't seem to burn from their body. His continued presence on the roster is a testament to cronyism and moronic talent evaluation by Mike Holmgren. The few healthy snaps he saw last season were some of the laziest, least technically sound looks at guard play I have or likely ever will see." I'll take that as a pass on Floyd Womack.

Jake Scott, UFA, Indianapolis Colts -- Part of the rather exceptional Colts' offensive line, the resigning of Ryan Lilja would appear to indicate that Jake Scott is no more in Indy. Described as versatile and solid but not great, Scott is another guy who fits Herm's plan for free agency. He's young at 26-years old and is basically being forced out with the Lilja signing. He won't break the bank and can play tackle or guard. Scott may be one of the few free agent linemen the Chiefs consider.

Todd Steussie, UFA, St. Louis Rams -- Much, much too old for the Chiefs. Steussie will turn 38 this year.

Travelle Wharton, UFA, Carolina Panthers -- Wharton is a free agent no longer. He was resigned by the Panthers to a six-year deal just a week ago.