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Morning Update (Hall of Fame Edition)

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From the diaries  -Chris

-Senator Arlen Specter wants Roger Goodell to explain why he destroyed the Spygate tapes.  Anyone else notice that Congress is getting involved in a lot of sports these days?

-Derrick Thomas isn't the only awards finalist, Brian Waters is a finalist for the NFL's Man of the Year award.

-Check out this video of former Kansas City Chiefs players and Gridiron Greats organization speaking to local media about the treatment of former players.  This is an interesting argument because I've already heard Upshaw say he won't take money from the pensions of current players to help the former players.

-Quarterbacks from across the league agree that Derrick Thomas should be in the Hall of Fame.  Anecdotes and quotes from Steve Young, Jim Kelly and John Elway.

-KU and MU each received $1.3 million for their game at Arrowhead stadium.  Already can't wait for next year.

-Warpaint Illustrated poses a question much like one asked around here this week.  Are we comparable to the New York Giants?

-Derrick isn't the only Thomas looking to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Former Chiefs CB Emmitt Thomas has been selected a candidate by the Senior Committee.  I don't remember Emmitt Thomas as much (wasn't born yet!) as Derrick Thomas, but he has some impressive career stats.  39 interceptions between 1969-1974.

-Former Chiefs coach Hank Stram was a showman before there were showman.  This article goes into detail about that including Stram's decision to wear a microphone during the Super Bowl.

-This St. Louis based paper asks if Al Saunders will have enough weapons to compete in St. Louis.  Umm...look at our WR corps when he came in.  And our RB for that matter.  Priest was a nobody at the time.  I think he'll do fine.

-Kawika Mitchell doesn't hold any grudges.  And why should he?  He's in the Super Bowl, not us.

-We talked about Trevor Laws last week and now you can talk about him all you want on his new blog.

-Joe Posnanski makes a last ditch effort for Derrick Thomas' Hall of Fame credentials.

And that's it.  Hall of Fame tonight.  Super Bowl tomorrow.  I've got to go grocery shopping to find out how to make that great Rotel cheese dip stuff for the game.  Anyone else have any suggestions for dips for the game?  I'll try anything once.