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Morning Update (Marlboro Football Edition)

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  • The Patriots have offered former Dolphin linebacker Zach Thomas a contract.

  • Adam Teicher thinks that it is unlikely that the Chiefs extend Jared Allen a long-term contract offer. I almost certainly think they will. The use of the franchise tag is a strategic move used by the Chiefs to have more power over Allen and his rights as a free agent. It isn't a firm declaration of anything really. At least not at this point in the game. The Chiefs will get it done.

  • KC Chiefs Fanatic is starting their own mock draft, with the results based on voting. Bookmark the site and head on over there to vote on your picks.

  • The Jaguars are excited about the possibility of Jared Allen playing in Jacksonville.

  • Big Blue View echoes my view on the Combine.

  • A cigarette company sponsoring football? Indeed. (Hat tip to Hogs Haven)
Mushin Muhammad was released by the Bears yesterday. As I'm sure you've noticed, I'm not one to parade every single free agent that comes available on the front page of this site asking if he'll be a good fit in Kansas City. Muhammad will be an Eddie Kennison-like 35 years old come this May. Despite not being a young guy, I think receivers like Muhammad play important roles on football teams. Eddie Kennison was mostly injured last year but had some first down catches that reminded you why you keep a guy with solid hands around all the time.

At the right price and only if we cut Kennison, I think Mushin Muhammad fits well in KC.