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Kansas City Chiefs Mock Draft Tracker -- #4

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It still amazes me that people still think Matt Ryan is an option for the Chiefs. By pretty much every account I've read or heard, Brodie Croyle will be the Chiefs' starter next year. Every Chiefs outlet is saying that, including this one. But we still have people saying Matt Ryan will be the Chiefs' pick. Nothing has indicated that will happen and, if anything, the facts point in the direction of explicitly NOT taking Matt Ryan. Herm Edwards has said Brodie will get his chance and he's said that he doesn't see a franchise QB in this draft.

That's why I pull these mock drafts from all over though, so we can get a broad perspective. Oh well. I still think we get Jake Long or trade out this draft.

First Round Choice
15 Jake Long (12) Ryan Clady (3)
7 Andre Woodson (1) Matt Ryan (6)
4 Glenn Dorsey (1) Sedrick Ellis (3)
1 Chris Long (1)
1 Darren McFadden (1)
The Hazean
Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College

Matt Ryan made an average Boston College team good in 2007. He led them to a No. 2 national ranking this year and a bowl win against Michigan State. Ryan has an NFL arm and a big heart. His greatest attribute is his leadership ability. Brodie Croyle likely is not the answer for the Chiefs, but Matt Ryan may be.

Football Thoughts
It was very obvious after watching the Chief's offense this season that Brodie Cryole is NOT the answer. He was almost as bad as John Beck, but at least Beck will get another chance because he was a 2nd round pick. This team is in desperate need for a quarterback of the future, so hopefully they take the best one on the board which is highly likely to be [Matt] Ryan. Another option here would be Ryan Clady or Sam Baker to rebuild the offensive line, however I think it would be foolish to pass on a quarterback of the future. Besides, I believe it would be too early for Clady and Baker, but thats also what I said about Levi Brown last season.
The Chiefs need serious help on the Offensive Line and if Long is gone [Ryan] Clady becomes the guy.
NFL Smackdown
The Chiefs running game hasn't been the same, since the loss of Willie Roaf and Will Shields, and are in desperate need of upgrading the offensive line. Jake Long is the most physically dominate offensive lineman in the country. He has long arms, great feet and good power in the run game. He showcases very good technique in pass protections and is a mauler in the run game. He has all the physical tool you look for in a tackle, and is just what the doctor ordered to protect the QB of future, Brodie Croyle.
The Football Wire
Kansas City Chiefs - Darren McFadden. I know, this pick doesn't make any sense the Chiefs already have Larry Johnson, right? Wrong. GM Carl Peterson has invested his job in the success of Herm Edwards and knows how important a potent rushing attack is to Herm's conservative offense. Peterson is on his way since he already announced he signed his last contract with the team and wants to make a run at actually completing one of his "5 year plans".
Sports Projections
The Chiefs can't get to the podium fast enough. The offensive line is their most glaring need, and [Jake] Long has the ability to be great a contributor for a long time.