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Ramonce Taylor Works Out for the Chiefs

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Back in May of last year, you may recall a little rumor going around about former Texas running back Ramonce Taylor about to sign with the Chiefs. Now, Ramonce Taylor is back on the Chiefs' radar screen for good and bad reasons.

On the way out, Ms. Clark [Taylor's mother] passed out in an aisle, striking her head on the floor. After several seconds, she regained consciousness and was assisted out of the courtroom and the sentencing continued.

"At some time you ought to realize what you are doing to your mother," Judge Trudo said.

What Ms. Clark didn’t hear was that Judge Trudo immediately suspended the sentence for five years and gave Taylor shock probation.

Taylor had been on probation for marijuana possession and a "district judge said Ramonce Taylor violated at least five stipulations of his probation." Taylor doesn't seem too shook up about it, at least as not as much as his mom.
As part of his probation Taylor must serve five months in state jail, but he also could be out in time to attend training camp with the Kansas City Chiefs.

During the hearing Taylor, 22, said that on Feb. 7 he had a private workout in Kansas City and met with Ray Farmer, the Chiefs’ director of pro personnel.

"I actually had a great tryout and they are thinking about signing me (as a special teams player)," Taylor said.

"As soon as I get out of jail, I'm good to go coach!"

You may have heard Taylor's name during Texas' 2005 national championship run, a season where Taylor scored fifteen total touchdowns. After that though, Texas coach Mack Brown dismissed Taylor from the team for his legal and academic troubles.

Check out these clips of Taylor during his 2005 season. He doesn't appear to be anything special.