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Kris Wilson a Free Agent Sleeper?

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To someone who reads and writes Chiefs information every day, this statement by Adam Caplan from seems a bit far-fetched.

Kris Wilson/Kansas City Chiefs (UFA) - He was a pretty accomplished collegiate tight end and had a very good Senior Bowl week back in 2004. But he suffered a broken leg which curtailed his rookie season . Wilson's biggest problem is that he was drafted by a team that has a future Hall of Famer (Tony Gonzalez) as the starter at his position, so he was moved to fullback last season. But he has a ton of talent and could develop into a solid starter with another team. He's one of the true sleepers of free agency.
Since Wilson hasn't really played tight end since he's been in the league, Caplan is making this assessment based off of Wilson's college and Senior Bowl performance. I have not seen what Caplan has seen in Wilson while Wilson was playing in the NFL. It may be too late to be bringing up the 2004 Senior Bowl.

What about you? Do you think Wilson has the skills to become a great player somewhere else?