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Ty Law's Time as a Kansas City Chief is Running Out

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Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star, in yesterday's article about the Chiefs' salary cap situation, targets Ty Law as a salary cap victim.

The Chiefs could have even more room under the salary cap by the time the free-agency signing period begins Feb. 29. They can create that room by releasing veteran players just as they saved more than $2 million Thursday when they released veteran offensive lineman John Welbourn.

Other obvious targets to be released include several of their highest-priced players. Cornerback Ty Law has the Chiefs’ highest individual salary-cap figure at $9.05 million. But Law would cost the Chiefs only $3.15 million against their cap if he is released before June 1.

So Ty Law is pretty much done in KC. The Chiefs aren't going to take that big of a cap hit for a guy who may not even last the whole season.

Looking back to when Ty Law was signed, I'm embarrassed about how excited I got. His time in KC wasn't a failure but surely didn't meet expectations. To be fair to Law, he was supposed to be a final piece of the puzzle of sorts but the team declined as quickly as he did. He only totaled six interceptions in his two years with the Chiefs. Six isn't too shabby but he did come off his last year in New York with ten INTs. The Chiefs thought they were getting the 10-INT Law but instead got a capable but aged veteran. Sound familiar?

Hat tip to Lanier63 in the diaries for bringing the article to my attention.