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Morning Update (Battleship Down Edition)

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  • Nick Athan of Scout gives us a Chiefs offensive roster projection. Of note, he says that Samie Parker and Jackie Battle won't be back and that Bobby Sippio will get his chance to play in 2008.

  • Mocking the Draft looks at Delaware QB Joe Flacco.

  • William Kershaw, a former Chief linebacker, was signed by the Broncos yesterday.

  • The Redskins want Chad Johnson pretty bad apparently.

  • You've probably seen those Chris Berman video out takes that have been popping up this past week. Turns out, ESPN actually responded to them.

  • Naturally, there are no top selling Chiefs jerseys.

  • Trent Green to the Ravens? Wouldn't be surprised.
Come on Trent! Hang 'em up!

Anyone else think that Trent Green has a debilitating gambling addiction and has to play next year to fulfill old debts?

No? Me either.

Enjoy the links and the poll that follows. I'll be back with an analysis of the Chiefs free agents.