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2007 Draft Pick Justin Medlock Resurfaces

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Man, leading off the day with two stories about former Chiefs kickers. Check it out:

As a hedge against Jeff Wilkins' retirement talk, the Rams on Monday signed free-agent kicker Justin Medlock, a former All-American at UCLA. A fifth-round draft pick by Kansas City last year, Medlock played in one game with the Chiefs and connected on one of two field goal tries.

Wilkins, a 14-year NFL veteran, hinted after this past season that "some issues with some health things" could cause him to consider retiring.

It apppears Medlock will get his chance to redeem himself in the NFL. You knew he'd come back with some other team. It will be interesting to see how long of a leash the Rams keep Medlock on. I bet he does alright. He wasn't given much of a chance in KC and didn't necessarily deserve one either.