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Pre-Super Bowl Open Thread

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We haven't mentioned the Super Bowl much around here but I figure the Friday before the game is good enough.

This is the all-encompassing Super Bowl thread for the day and the weekend leading up to the Super Bowl. The game itself will have its own open thread.

Predictions? Conspiracy theories? Super Bowl stories you've had? They all go in here.

I'll start if off with one of the earliest football memories I have. It was Super Bowl XXVI and the Redskins were playing the Bills.

I was quite young and I don't remember much of the actual game beyond a still shot in my head of struggling mightily with my ear aches while laying on the couch staring at the television. The ear aches got bad enough and I cried enough that my mom eventually took me to the hospital. There, we waited while some old jackass of a doctor watched the Super Bowl in a back room. When he was finally forced to come out and, you know, take care of his patients, he was in a sour mood which I'm sure didn't help the patience of a mom who had dragged a screaming kid to the hospital late on a Sunday night.

I ended up getting medicine and my mom took me back home. I don't think I watched the rest of the game and I'm sure I didn't care after that.

Bored? Yeah I am too after writing that. Anyone got anything better?