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Morning Update (TG To The Pro Bowl Edition)

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We went 13-3 with Morten Andersen.  Good luck charm?


  • Who is the most famous native of Copenhagen, Denmark that recently retired from the NFL at age 48?  A bit of discussion in Sir Eccles' FanShot.
  • I thought Tuesday Stat Day was an AP thing.  Nevertheless, the Mothership is talkin' stats of the Chiefs and Chargers.
  • Tony Gonzalez on personal accolades during a losing season: "It’s so hard, the dichotomy of losing but still doing well personally. You’re always happy when you do well, but it still wasn’t enough to help us win. It makes the losing bearable. I’ll put it that way."
  • Say goodbye to the Chiefs TD Pack Band. More discussion in xthreatx's FanPost.
  • A couple of days old, but some interesting info from Upon Further Review about the Chiefs at home vs. on the road during December.
  • How much on the field playing is there really in an NFL game?  About 12 minutes apparently.
  • A mock draft from WPI has us selecting Sam Bradford 3rd overall.
  • Here's a good nugget on the spread and why this analyst doesn't think it will work in the NFL: "Like Moon, Harrell would not get Big 12 time to throw in the NFL. Furthermore, over half the league's starting quarterbacks will miss time this season because of injury. Run the Spread, and you're playing with fire."
  • Headline: 'Chargers Carry Confidence To KC'  Why?  Because they've won 1 out of 4??