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Chiefs' Post Game Comments

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Herm Edwards on the decision to go for it on 4th down with just minutes remaining:

“I just wanted to do what I thought we could do. It was fourth and five. I felt that if we didn’t score, we could have at least pinned them back and then we would have had the chance to stop them, and make them punt. I just thought that we needed to play aggressive, and we did.“

Translation: Our defense probably wouldn't be able to stop them so this was our best opportunity.

Herm on not getting to Jay Cutler:

“I think it was just hard, we played against a good quarterback. A couple of times on the boot pass, I thought we had him. At one point when he went on a long drive, and they made the field goal, we had him almost sacked and he got away. He’s an athletic guy. You have to give him credit, they have a good offense. They moved the ball, they blocked us. That’s trouble when you have a good quarterback, and good receivers.“

Translation: I better give the other guy credit to deflect attention from our inability to sack the quarterback.

Derrick Johnson on the team's effort on Sunday:

“You can’t confuse good effort with results, but we’ve been playing our butts off. The Denver Broncos really made some great plays and in a game that comes down to two or three plays, that’s really huge. The game today legitimately came down to two or three plays and they were the ones who made them.“

Translation: Boy, we've got some crappy players on this team.

Tamba Hali on his struggles in 2008:

“We were just half a step too slow today. We’re playing our tails off. Whatever our coaches call, we play as hard as we can and try to execute. At the end of the day, you can point your fingers at me because I’m not getting to the quarterback.“

Translation: Wait...someone taking accountability??

Tony Gonzalez on whether this was a moral victory:

“No, not all. Not for me, anyway. I always play to win the game and I thought we could have won today. I’ve played in this league too long to settle for moral victories. For a young team, yeah, that might be great, but my window is closing. So it’s win or nothing.“

Translation: It's been nice knowing you, Kansas City Chiefs...

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