Worth Reading: Gonzalez on Thigpen

Bill Williamsom, who does an AFC West blog for ESPN apparently was at the Bronco's Chiefs game and in the locker room when Gonzalez stated:  

"You already got your quarterback," Gonzalez said. "You get something else to help us."

According to the blog, Gonzalez stated he felt the Chiefs were close to being a playoff team next year and they were just a few pieces away.  He also wasn't sure whether he would return next year. 

This post may be premature, as I assume that the KC Star is going to write simiar articles in the paper tomorrow, since they were in the locker room as well when Gonzalez took the interviews.

Anyway, for anybody else who is a student and is putting off studying, you should read the blog tonight--why wait for the Star to print it tomorrow?

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