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Morning Update (Pregame Edition)

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Open thread is being posted at 11:30. Come for the early games. -Chris


Remember.  Larry Johnson owns the Broncos.


  • What player are we talking about? "He has collected guns for a long time, and three years ago he took a test in Florida that allows him, while he’s in his home state, to carry his loaded Glock .45 in his glove compartment, his .357 Magnum in his duffel bag, his .380-caliber pistol in his pocket."
  • Bob Gretz on how the Chiefs can beat the Broncos.
  • Gretz on Invesco and the old Mile High stadium.
  • The match-up from the Mothership.
  • AA has their weekly Arrowhead Advantage.
  • Arrowhead is known more for hosting college games these days.  That's two weeks in a row.
  • The Funk more embarrassing to Kansas City than the Chiefs?
  • The Rocky Mountain News asks if the Broncos are ripe for an upset today.
  • Chris Mortensen of ESPN is reporting that Browns' sources tell him the team has been looking very closely at Marty Schottenheimer as a potential coach in 2009.

Let's GO Chiefs!  A win today will just make it even more difficult for Denver to clinch the division title.