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Kansas City Chiefs (2-10) @ Denver Broncos (7-5)

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When: 3:15 PM, central time

Where: Invesco Field at Mile High, Denver, Colorado (Where the thin air doesn't matter)

SBN Affiliate: Mile High Report

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Coverage of the game leading up to now is here.

Injury reports are here. (PS: Check the image name on that injury report: "irdonks". Gotta love the home team)

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The Denver Broncos have all but clinched the AFC West divisional title and even a win here today by the Chiefs almost assuredly doesn't derail the Broncos' trip to the playoffs. The Chargers are at best 8-8 this season. The Raiders are well, the Raiders. And the Chiefs have realistically been out of the playoff hunt from the beginning of the season.

What the Chiefs can do today is win for the first time ever at Invesco Field; win two games in a row since mid October 2007 when they beat the Bengals and the Raiders; use a tough divisional road game to further solidify themselves as a team; and finally, continue to earn respect for the rebuilding process in Kansas City.

On paper, the Chiefs match up pretty well with the Denver Broncos. The biggest test will be the Denver passing offense versus the Chiefs' secondary. A couple of big plays in the passing game, which the Chiefs are prone to giving up, will likely doom the Chiefs to a season split with the Broncos.

On the other hand, if the Chiefs are able to run the ball against a poor Denver run defense and take advantage of a Champ Bailey-less Denver secondary. well there's the Chiefs W right there.


PS: Use this thread for the early games too.


23 Patrick Surtain
45 Michael Merritt
55 Pat Thomas
59 Donnie Edwards
65 Tavares Washington
71 Andrew Carnahan
73 Adrian Jones
83 Mark BradleyBRONCOS
20 Marlon McCree
24 Champ Bailey
31 P.J. Pope
35 Selvin Young
38 Andrew Pinnock
43 Herana-daze Jones
55 D.J. Williams
96 Tim Crowder