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Ryan Clady Will Shut The Chiefs Down

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The Kansas City Chiefs have had enough trouble sacking the quarterback to begin even thinking about how to beat stud rookie left tackle Ryan Clady.  His accomplishments are among the tops in the league.  Does Babin even stand a chance against him?

Take a look at the Broncos rushing stats last year and this year.  Some of these stats are skewed considering the leap their passing game took this year.

Down Rushing Plays (2008)
Average Rushing Plays (2007)
1st Down 141 4.01 237 4.06
2nd Down 98 5.03 128 4.91
3rd Down 38 4 45 4.76
4th Down 3 2.67 5 2
  • On 1st and 6-10, the Broncos convert for a first down through the air 29% of the time.
  • On 2nd down and less than 5 to go, the Broncos successfully convert a first down through the air nearly half the time.
  • 53% of the time the Broncos pass the ball on 3rd and 3-5.

If you've noticed over at MHR, Guru and friends are counting down the 7 days of Clady in an effort to help earn him a much deserved Pro Bowl spot.  He's not just a pass blocking tackle.  Check out the numbers below and they will demonstrate how much more comfortable they are rushing to Clady's side instead of RT Ryan Harris'.

Left End Left Tackle Left Guard Up the Middle Right Guard Right Tackle Right End
Plays: 46 Plays: 42 Plays: 28 Plays: 92 Plays: 23 Plays: 31 Plays: 24
NFL Rank: 10 NFL Rank: 15 NFL Rank: 19 NFL Rank: 10 NFL Rank: 22 NFL Rank: 27 NFL Rank: 31
Avg Gain: 6.17 Avg Gain: 4.69 Avg Gain: 4.68 Avg Gain: 4.30 Avg Gain: 1.48 Avg Gain: 4.06 Avg Gain: 5.54
NFL Rank: 7 NFL Rank: 9 NFL Rank: 7 NFL Rank: 12 NFL Rank: 32 NFL Rank: 20 NFL Rank: 7


As you can see, the Broncos are comfortable running to Clady's side.  In fact, nearly 31% of the time they're running at the left tackle or around the left end.  A few Clady accomplishments (as if Jason Babin needed any help being intimidated):

  • Allowed one half sack this season
  • Committed just 3 penalties (illegal formation, holding, false start)
  • Started every game this season
  • Part of a line that has given up an NFL low 8 sacks all season

So, when Jason Babin inevitably emerges with a poor game, don't get down on him.  Clady has shut everyone down.