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Chiefs and Broncos: Head to Head

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The Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos may be on opposite ends of the division standings but that doesn't mean the Broncos are leaps and bounds ahead of the Chiefs.

The Broncos are currently 7-5 and are 3-3 at the vaunted Invesco Field. Four of those wins have come by four points or less while some of the Broncos' losses were by quite a bit.

For due diligence, let's check out where each team stands.

Category Chiefs Broncos
Total First Downs 200 260
Rushing 68 78
Passing 120 158
Penalty 12 24
3rd Down Pct. 38.30% 46.40%
4th Down Pct. 36.40%


Most teams would love to have a 3rd down conversion percentage hovering near 50%. Currently, the Broncos are second in the league in 3rd down percentage and Denver's dominance over KC in that category will hurt against our soft run defense.

Total Net Yards 3690 4691
Avg. Per Game 307.5 390.9
Total Plays 729 758
Avg. Per Play 5.1 6.2

What should be clear to you by now is that Denver's offense is pretty darn good. They're ranked second in the league in total yards per game and they're 10th in points.

Net Yards Rushing 1414 1331
Avg. Per Game 117.8 110.9
Total Rushes 294 297

The running game is where Denver falls off a bit. They're ranked 19th in the league right now and of course leave it to Denver fans to be all excited about an unknown running back. Peyton Hillis is a 7th round pick who had 129 and 74 yards rushing in his last two games.

Net Yards Passing 2276 3360
Avg. Per Game 189.7 280
Sacked/Yards Lost 32/209 8/52
Gross Yards 2485 3412
Completion Pct. 58.10% 60.70%
Had Intercepted 12 13

The passing game is where the Broncos really shine. Cutler is throwing for a ton of yards; the line is almost completely protecting him; and the team is 3rd in the league in passing yards.

The Chiefs will get a heavy dose of a talented quarterback and a solid receiving corp.

Penalties/Yards 62/491 63/568
Fumbles/Ball Lost 16/6 14/10

Nothing too scary here. What is scary for the Broncos is their -11 turnover ratio, which you'd think would aid the Chiefs in stripping a ball or two.

Touchdowns 25 33
Rushing 6 10
Passing 17 21
Returns 2 2

The Broncos are 10th in the NFL in scoring points and the Chiefs are 25th so most team's numbers are going to look good against KC's.

We'll be back with more later.