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Reviewing the Chiefs' GM Candidates

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With the news that Scott Pioli is nearing decision time with the Cleveland Browns, we wanted to give you a quick rundown on the GM candidates we have covered here and whether or not you approved of them as a potential GMs for the Chiefs.

Eric Decosta


Poll Results:

85% Yes (183)
14% No (32)

Charley Casserly


Poll Results:

13% Yes (42 votes)
86% No (271 votes)

Scott Pioli


Poll Results:

89% Yes (423 votes)
11% No (48 votes)

Shack Harris


Poll Results:

20% Yes (80 votes)
89% No (309 votes)

Doug Whaley

Poll Results:

69% Yes (123 votes)
31% No (55 votes)

Reggie McKenzie

Poll Results:

16% Yes (42 votes)
83% No (216 votes)

Floyd Reese


Poll Results:

22% Yes (72 votes)
78% No (249 votes)

And with that, I'm out for the night. Happy New Years everyone.