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Chiefs/Broncos Blogosphere Round up

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First the Kansas City Chiefs... examines last week's 4th quarter drive that put the Chiefs on top for good.

But get this: on second look it was not a drive of great efficiency or performance. In fact, the Chiefs made multiple mistakes during the possession. A sure interception was dropped and several throws were forced by QB Tyler Thigpen. Two guards pulled on a play and ran into each other. Even on Larry Johnson’s two-yard TD run, the Raiders got great penetration between center and left guard; Johnson went between center and right guard.
Yet, the Chiefs were able to overcome their own mistakes and pump home a TD that proved to be the winning points over Oakland.
Here’s how they did it.

I was at a loss for words when I read this post from Arrowhead Addict.

I ventured into the Coliseum for the sold out Kansas City Chiefs-Oakland Raiders game decked out from head to toe in Chiefs apparel. Bright red jersey. Bright red hat. I’m 6-foot-3, too, so I definitely stood out.

Make sure you click through to see the picture of Adam on

Kent Babb is talking about Herm Edwards' job security over at The Red Zone.

The offseason is approaching, and that's when changes are made and jobs are lost. Well, nowadays owners and GMs don't always wait until a season ends to send a coach on his way to become the fair-catch coach at Omaha Academy for the Bowlegged.

And now the Denver Broncos... is loving Broncos' running back Peyton Hillis:

Pop quiz! Peyton Hillis is:
  1. A 7th round draft pick out of Arkansas.
  2. A running back pushed into the role of a fullback by being on the same team as first rounder Darren McFadden and first rounder Felix Jones.
  3. Officially listed at 6′2″ and 250 pounds.
  4. Being considered as a hybrid H-back, meaning he could line up as a tight end in the slot.
  5. Compared to Dallas Clark.

Click through to see the rest of the list.

The Rocky Mountain News Broncos blog has notes from today's press conference.

The Broncos have lost three consecutive home games, but the Chiefs have gone 0-7 at Invesco since the stadium opened in 2001. "We've gone in there, and most of the time before the half, the game is lopsided. Then it's tough. The crowd gets involved and they do a good job getting after you."

MHR has a FanPost up about Casey Wiegmann.

Which got me thinking (scary I know)...who has been more quintessential to the Broncos success this year? Okay, I'll give you Cutler and maybe a few other offensive players. But would the Broncos really have had any chance this year if it wasn't for Wiegmann and the amazing job that he has done coming into a new system and backing up Tom Nalen, one of the best all-time centers in the game? Simply put...I don't think so!

Keep an eye on my favorite Chiefs news feed at SportsSpyder.