Chiefs' New Middle Linebacker...Derrick Johnson

From the FanPosts. I'm taking my DJ FanShot off the front page. -Chris

The Kansas City Chiefs decided to try and fix the gaping black hole that is our linebacking corps this week by moving Derrick Johnson from his weak-side linebacker spot and putting him at middle linebacker for the remainder of the season.

Johnson will move from the outside to middle linebacker for Sunday’s game at Denver and the other three remaining games.

This appears to be as much an admission that Derrick Johnson's been a major disappointment on the weakside as it is the Chiefs admitting that they've got nobody on the roster who can play in the middle. 

The Chiefs are not only hopeful of getting more from their underachieving linebacker, who’s had a disappointing season. They would also like to get more from their middle linebacker spot, which has been shared this season by Pat Thomas and Rocky Boiman.

Funny, but I seem to recall us signing a middle linebacker just last year to a long-term deal, after which he led the team in tackles.  I wonder what happened that that guy?  Oh that's right...our genius defensive coordinator insisted on micromanaging the linebacking corps and decided that the guy with the most tackles on the team last year wasn't good enough to play for him this year.  Which goes a long way towards explaining why our defense (ranked 13th last year) has plunged to the bottom of the NFL.

DeMorrio Williams, Boiman, Thomas, and whoever else are expected to compete for Johnson's old weakside spot.  Hopefully Williams will step up.  It would be nice to get something positive out of our big free agent signing this year.

And here's a couple of interesting questions...does this move mean that Johnson is projected to be our MLB next season and if so does that effectively remove Rey Maualuga and James Laurinitis from our draft boards?

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