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Can The Kansas City Chiefs Stay Out Of The Cellar In The AFC West?

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The Kansas City Chiefs are sitting in the basement of the AFC West with two wins. But with Oakland just one game ahead of us and San Diego two games ahead, will we finish the season in the cellar?

Let's take a look at the schedules and see what we can come up with.

Kansas City (2-10)
Oakland (3-8)
San Diego (4-8)
@ Denver @ San Diego Oakland
San Diego New England @ Kansas City
Miami Houston @ Tampa Bay
@ Cincinnati @ Tampa Bay Denver

Adam Teicher makes the case that winning two more games would do wonders for the team. He argues that just because we have a high draft pick doesn't mean the player we select will be an All-Pro:

The draft is not a science. It's an art. Good artists can get as good a player with the seventh pick as they can with the second. The Chiefs just need to be better artists. The Steelers are always good artists. Pittsburgh will have a lousy draft spot next year and I can't tell you who it will pick. But I can tell you he will be a productive player.

The Chargers and Raiders both are losers of five of their last six. Oakland has been eliminated from playoff contention (duh!) while San Diego needs a victory this weekend to stave off elimination. The Chiefs, on the other hand, are just fighting to stay out of last place.