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Dwayne Bowe's Case Of The Dropsies

Yesterday Herm Edwards addressed to the media an issue with Dwayne Bowe that has gotten little play around here: dropped balls.  Bowe currently leads the team with 12 drops but Edwards is cognizant of the mini-problem with the receiver and has addressed it with him.

"Twelve of them (in-season). We counted them. We talked about it. Where he’s at now in his career, at times he forces himself to try and catch it so hard he doesn’t relax his hands. I got a solution to it and it’s real easy. It’s not hard to figure out. If he’s going to drop one early in the game throw it to him on the second play of the game and get it over with."

Last year, Terrell Owens led the NFL with 25 dropped passes.  Pundits harped on that fact with Owens last year despite the fact that he did catch 81 balls, 15 of which went for 6 points.

One of my theories regarding his tendency to drop the ball is that he's looking to make a play after the catch.  He's a big receiver that was brought in to block and break tackles after the catch.  Herm goes on to explain a little more:

"Yeah, he has so much confidence in his hands he’ll get his hands going and take his eyes off the ball and make a move. When you’re a receiver and you’ve got a little bit of a name and you drop a ball it gets magnified."

One third of Bowe's drops came in the 17-10 loss against the Patriots in the first game of the year.  As everyone remembers, that was a tight game that saw the Chiefs lose in the last minute.  That was the first game where I realized Bowe might have a problem.  He's improved greatly since then with just 8 drops in the following 11 games.

So what do you think - Are Bowe's drops becoming a problem?

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