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Larry Johnson Doesn't Want to be a Chief



The feeling is mutual Larry.
"Hopefully, my future is not with this organization. It’s not (the Chiefs’) fault. Half of it is mine. Half of it is my off-the-field situation and other things that occurred.
"On the football field, my role definitely diminished when I came back (from injury). I felt like I wasn’t getting as many carries as I could have handled. I felt like I could have helped as much as I could have, but they shifted their powers to other players on the team. I feel as though my time is up in this city and this program."
Larry Johnson isn't even looking to next year to see what happens with a new GM.
"The city is tired of me, and the organization and I have run our course together. It's time to move on for me. There could be 100 changes. It's time for me to go."

LJ always was a little pouty about his playing time. On how he fits into the spread offense:

I don't. I have never been a six- or seven-carry per game back and expect 200-yard rushing games. It's never been my style. I wish it could be. It's not me. I wear down defenses and get yards when the offense really pounds the rushing plays.

We really need to ship Larry Johnson out of Kansas City, at whatever price we need to pay. Cap hit. Low draft pick. He needs to leave.

H/T oldchiefsfan.

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