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Same Old Chiefs In Season Finale Loss To Bengals

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Stats are here.

Where shall we start?

  • Larry Johnson and Jamaal Charles combine for 27 yards rushing
  • Tyler Thigpen's 191 yards on 19/36 passing was underwhelming
  • Cedric Benson dropped 111 rushing yards on 25 carries.  Yes, that Cedric Benson.

We lost the toilet bowl.  In fact, we were dominated.

Yes, there were some positives as well:

  • Dwayne Bowe tops 1,000 yards for the season
  • Jason Babin recorded a sack
  • The secondary held the Bengals to 129 yards passing (but they were missing their top 2 receivers and their quarterback)

Oh, and we're the worst pass rush defense.  Ever. 10 sacks for the year, 3 short of the previous record. 

Interesting statistic for the day is Tyler Thigpen's passer rating by quarter for the season as follows:

1st quarter: 100.9

2nd quarter: 82.3

3rd quarter: 68.3

4th quarter: 55.8

The Chiefs season is over but with a GM search looming along with another high 1st round draft pick in April, the exciting part of the Chiefs season is just starting.

To cheer some of you up, however, think about the Chiefs season this way:  Effective immediately, King Carl's reign is over.