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GM Openings Abound

There's a likelihood that as many as 5 jobs could be available for prospective GMs across the league.  This FanPost breaks the latest opening in the NFL our brethren from Missouri the St. Louis Rams.

Jay Zygmunt was the Rams' President and General Manager so his dismissal leaves behind holes to fill similar to Carl Peterson's departure.

In addition to the Chiefs and Rams, what other jobs will be available?


Matt Millen was tossed to the curb after seven years earlier this season.  His replacement has yet to be named.  Candidates include all the usual suspects: Pioli, Cowher and even in-house candidate Martin Mayhew.


No decisions have been made/announced regarding the future of Phil Savage.  Coach Romeo Crennel's future is certainly in doubt as well.  This isn't the first time Savage's job has been in danger but it's the first time since this email.  The question here is whether Crennel's successes and failures should be tied to Savage successes and failures?

San Francisco

Although Mike Nolan never held the official title of GM, he was long assumed to be the main controller behind player personnel.  HIs departure earlier this season leaves the question of whether a long-term GM will be hired.  The current man, Scot McCloughan, was hired in January of this year.